When it comes to selling your home in Hampton, timing is everything. The real estate market rises and falls in terms of buyer eagerness to make a purchase. Becoming knowledgeable about the best time to list your house can earn you thousands more in a potential offer. It can also help your home stay on the market for fewer days so you can move faster on getting settled in your new home. Below are some tips that can help you to list your home at the best time. 

Late Spring is Primetime for Buyers
The first 15 days of May are the best times for sellers to get the highest offers from buyers as well as sell their home in the least amount of time. While this is nationally true, clearly not all buyers can list at that exact time. However, you can take advantage of the fact that the best time is late spring to early summer. Think late April to early June. This is the time when most “passive” buyers who have been browsing homes for months become “active” buyers that start calling real estate agents and getting their finances together to actually make a purchase. 

Take Advantage of Tourist Season
As mentioned above, late spring and early summer are typically the optimal times to sell a home across the country. However, Hampton has a unique advantage because of its proximity to Virginia Beach. Many people who are looking to relocate to the area take advantage of the general spring break season to tour to do home research. This is often a time when families with children have a prime opportunity to seek out homes while their children have an entire week off school. It’s also an ideal time for professionals to take a vacation to house hunt in preparation for a move in the summer or fall. 

Consider Buyer Drive
Many real estate statistics say that the first 20-30 days after you list your home is the time you will get the most activity from buyers. This includes online activity as well as sparked interests that causes buyers to actually pick up the phone and contact your real estate agent. When you attempt to determine exactly when to list you will want to also take into account factors that compel people to buy at a certain time of year. For example, people also tend to become active buyers vs. passive buyers after they receive their tax return. This added money encourages people to finally take the next step to buy their dream home. 

Day of Week Matters as Well
A study by Redfin that analyzed 17 million home sales found that homes listed on Thursdays actually sell faster and garner higher offers than those listed on any other day of the week. 

Choose a Realtor® That Knows the Stats on When to Sell
When you meet with a prospective real estate agent it, ask them questions about when the optimal time to list your home for sale is. This will help you gauge their niche market knowledge. When you set out to find one of the best Realtors® in Hampton, you should consider using statistical information to choose one with proven success. Effective Agents is a website that uses a proprietary algorithm that analyzes specific information about the house you are selling and matches you with a custom list of the top agents in Hampton that will have the best success. 

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