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Review for wrote by Rose
Rating: 11111 14 May 2013
Pros: None! Zero! Zip! Nada!
Cons: This place is still open!!
Comments: Most racist, rude and unprofessional staff I have ever encountered! Worst place in Hampton Roads!
Review for wrote by Dezz
Rating: 11111 11 May 2012
Comments: we love love this place!!! the food is good, drinks are strong & the DJ is on point. highly recommend this spot for Fridays & Tuesdays.
Review for wrote by p
Rating: 11111 06 May 2012
Comments: Club Purrsha does not respect the veterans of today's military. Icame to purrsha once and will never return. I invited a friend that had just return from Afghanistan and ..
Review for wrote by Anonymous
Rating: 11111 04 December 2011
Cons: Drinks are poorly mixed, rude staff, bouncers are able to and will kick you out of the bar with or without provocation regardless of your behavior.
Review for wrote by Anonymous
Rating: 11111 13 May 2011
Pros: Best kept secret in Virginia Beach a true local's spot with amazing food and phenominal service! They have every sports pacakge avail and 10 hdtv's, such a great spot ..
Review for wrote by Anonymous
Rating: 11111 20 June 2010
Pros: good food and drinks, the crowd is a bit more upscale (25+ crowd), prices on food and drinks are about average, music was really good (live DJ)
Cons: None so far -- the people there were very nice and since the music was really good, my crew and I unexpectedly stayed all night long.
Comments: Purrsha was worth the time and some -- my friends and I have officially made Purrsha our official Friday night spot... we may have to check out their happy hour ..

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